Rays In A Barn - Early Education and Care

Welcome To Our Brand New Building Circa 2011!

Drawing of Barn

We welcome you to come see our brand new "barn" that was contstructed in 2011, to replace the original historic Horse and Carriage barn that was built circa 1850.

Located on the site of a 170 year old farm house (There is no longer a farm!), the new structure was built to replicate the old barn's outside manner and envelope, but was designed internally from the ground up with the thought of running a State Licensed In Home Family Child Care.

Inside the 500+ square feet of space you will find hardwood floors to avoid allergies, full central air conditioning and heating, food preperation area, and a full bath, along with a all space dedicated to the children in our care.

With the dedicated structure, we have a child care like center feel, in a building that is solely for the children. No part of it is used by our family on a regular basis! You get a dedicated person caring for your children, but with Family Child Care rates!

We Do Hope You Consider Us! Christelle has previously been a live-in Au-Pair in the past, as well as has been raising her own two children for the past decade.

Interior Photos of Daycare


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