Rays In A Barn - Early Education and Care

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Mother with children

Rays in a Barn provides the kind of care that larger day cares can’t!

And I provide the same types of activities as larger child care facilities.

From infants to toddlers, I offer full or part time day care. Flexible hours to accommodate all working schedules are available upon request. We have a number of educational toys and exercises to keep children active and learning.

At Rays in a Barn I am committed to providing quality, affordable day care for children and families in our community. Through a diverse and well-rounded schedule of daily activities, I can help your child develop important verbal, social and other skills.

I am a person who loves working with children, and who has the skills and certification to support their development, from reading and numbers to music and crafts, each day is filled with age appropriate activities that are both enriching and fun. I am trained and certified in early child care as well as CPR and First aid.

Education and Qualifications

I currently have an Early Childhood Education Certification and am a Licensed Pre-School Director certified by Middlesex Community College. I have completed my Associates in Early Childhood Education and a Certificate in Early Childhood Educaction, both from MiddlesexCommunity College.

Associates Degree Certificate Early Childhood Education

Current Rates for 2020-2021

Please keep in mind we are flexible with working out an agreeable pay schedule for you!

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